Complete Life Insurance Agent Database

If you are looking for a database of life insurance agents, you're in the right place.

For the past 15 years, our team has built the most comprehensive insurance agent mailing list with over 950,000 contacts that are run through a vigorous hygiene process.

Regardless if you are looking to connect with captive or independent life agents, we can help you connect with the right agents.

If you would like to download a free sample of our agent database, click the link below to see the quality of our data for yourself. 

Why Use Our Life Insurance Agent Database Over Others?



We can work with budgets big or small.

Starting at $50 per 1000 contacts, we are one of the most affordable solutions for quality life insurance agent data on the market.

If you're looking to connect with life agents, you can purchase agent lists on a statewide basis starting at $2500 for 5 states.



Unlike other list providers, our agent mailing lists go through a vigorous hygiene process to ensure our data is clean and accurate.

We ensure our data is run through numerous spam filters to make sure you have accurate data for your campaigns.


Over 50 Agent Data Points

Our database contain over 50 data points that are often used to significantly increase the outcome of a campaign.

Having the ability to target agents based on what type of life policies they offer will increase the odds that your campaign will be a success. 


Looking for a hands-off Approach?

If you want to connect with more life insurance agents by email, but don't want to spend the time figuring out the right subject lines and ad copy, we can launch an email marketing to our list for you. The best part, when using our email marketing solution, your agent mailing list is included completely free

It's as simple as telling us your criteria for who you're looking to target with your campaign. We would then build out the ad copy for your approval. With all our email outreach campaigns, we include anywhere between 5000-20,000 free emails to test and find the right subject lines based on the size of your campaign. We have run numerous campaigns targeting life insurance agents which you can learn more about here.

Once your campaign starts, we will also give you the name, email & phone number of anyone who opens an email completely free!  

After launching your campaign, you will also receive daily reports on the performance of your campaigns as well as make any adjustments necessary to ensure that you have a steady stream of new prospects reaching out.

Starting at $1000 per 50,000 emails, this is the easiest way to reach more life agents without having to spend hours of your time building out campaigns on your own.

If you would like to learn more, download a sample of our database and past email campaigns now.

Don't Trust Our Word, See What Our Partners Have to Say About Our Agent Database

Roy Adams Insurance

Roy Owner

"I asked Bill to help some friends of ours in Florida with an insurance matter and he did and they were very well pleased with his professional help in the matter. I would recommend Bill to others in need of insurance in Florida."

Roy Adams Insurance

Independent Financial Services Professional

Bill F.
Bill F. - Independent Financial Services Professional

"Bill works FOR his clients, not just the companies he represents. We need more people like that in our industry."

Synergy Leads

Scott N

"Our company utilizes high speed autodialers that can complete up to 30k calls an hour so database accuracy is crucial to our success. The more legitimate numbers we dial, the better our results. That keeps our clients happy and repeat orders coiming in. Over the years, we have purchasecd professional databases for a variety of industries (including insurance). We have found that the scope and accuracy of the insurance agent databases provided to us by IMS are head and shoulders above any other source we have used in any industry. Our ability to recruit agents in a cost effective manner using IMS data has been the core of our business model for the past several years. IMS does an excellent job of keeping the records current and clean!
Thanks for the great work Bill!"

Synergy Leads

Ready to connect with more agents?

Since 1999, recruiters, insurance carriers, BDs, IMOs, FMOs, wholesalers, MGAs, BGAs, GAs and others recognize our data as the best solution to identify and reach actively licensed insurance and financial professionals doing business throughout the U.S.

Our email campaigns have helped our clients connect with more agents than they originally thought.

Download a Free Sample of Our Data & Email Campaigns Below to Get Started

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